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Brushed Nickel Finish Large Keyhole Shaped Cabinet Bar Handles

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Brushed nickel large cabinet bar keyhole handle, 22mm in diameter and a range of sizes to choose.

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Large brushed nickel finish cabinet bar keyhole design handle, this 3 piece steel bar handle is also contemporary in design, an ideal solution for modernising your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. 22mm in diameter which is larger than the normal 12mm bar.
Handle Type Bar Handles
Finishes Brushed Nickel
Material Stainless Steel
Screws M4
Screws Supplied 2 x 25mm

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I am having problems getting this handle in the correct thickness. I understand the diagram but it does not tell me the thickness of the round bar. The measurement across the keyhole is 22mm. But if you wrap a tape measure around the bar, the diameter on my existing handles measures 50mm. I recently purchased a bar from another retailer which looks the same but when it arrived it was much thicker 70mm. Not, a match for my needs. I am surprised that this measurement is not included in the description as it is vital when matching existing bars.
Would you please be able to measure the actual diameter of the bar itself please?
There are many customers on Amazon asking the same question. Sadly, the diagram does not give this measurement. I want to avoid buying another bar which does not match.

Hi Annie, Thank you for your question, All the dimensions are listed on the product page just below the images, the bar diameter is 22mm, the circumference can be worked out by multiplying the diameter by pi (3.14), so 22mm x 3.14 = 69.08mm.
Hope this helps,
The Handle Studio.

Answered 11 months ago