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4.98 Star Rating

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Drawers can be found all over the home, and they provide that extra bit of hidden storage to tuck away pesky clutter.

Although a subtle home feature, it doesn’t mean they should receive any less attention when it comes to reflecting your personal style onto your interiors.

With the wide range of drawer knobs found at The Handle Studio, you are sure to find that perfect finishing touch for any drawer - one that not only reflects your personal taste but adds a level of efficiency and quality to your drawers.

Here at The Handle Studio, we are renowned for our levels of variety. We recognise that not everyone’s taste and projects are going to be the same, hence why we make sure to stock a wide range of drawer knobs that differ in design and style so you’re able to find the perfect match. From classic spherical knobs, to cylinder, square and ringed style knobs - you are sure to find the best style for you and your drawers.

As well as a range of designs, all of our drawer knobs are available in a variety of finishes so you are able to find the exact design that most suits your taste. The finish of your drawer knobs has the ability to tie the room together, especially when focusing on one particular style. Our wide catalogue of finishes that range from antique steel, polished brass, chrome and crystal/glass just to name a few, can help evoke everything from a rustic, vintage feel to a more classic and modern look for your home.

Many of our natural timber drawer knobs can be easily stained, dyed, waxed, varnished or painted, meaning the possibilities are endless. By adapting our high-quality wooden drawer knobs you can truly complement your existing style.

In order to cater to every one of your needs, we also make sure to stock our drawer knobs in a multitude of sizes so you can effortlessly install your chosen design and finish onto your drawers, whatever their size. With diameters available between 16mm to 67mm, as well as a range of various heights, base sizes and screw lengths, you are guaranteed to find exactly what you need.

For The Handle Studio, quality is a vital aspect of our drawer knobs. We recognise the wear and tear they can be exposed to thanks to everyday use. So, providing drawer knobs of the highest quality help ensure durability and that they retain their high level of style and efficiency.

If you have any questions or queries about our range of drawer knobs, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. A member of our friendly team will be ready and waiting with expert and professional advice and support.