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Storage is a key aspect to any kitchen

It takes a lot of utensils and equipment to make it a functioning and efficient space.

The setting of home-cooked meals, family meals and the odd dinner party here and there, it’s a room in the house that oozes the essence of home. With that said it’s important that, like any other room in the home, your kitchen reflects you and your own personal style right down to the smallest detail, like your cabinet handles.

Here at The Handle Studio, we offer an eclectic range of handles that are perfect for you. When browsing for kitchen cabinets, in particular, a few certain handle types have been found to be more popular than others. These include a series of Cabinet Knobs, D Pull Handles and Bow Handles; all available in a wide variety of finishes. That said, don’t let the most popular option restrict your search. Thanks to our wide range of handles, you have a huge catalogue to browse until you find the perfect fit for your kitchen cabinets. Not only do we offer handle styles that look great, but bring about a level of efficiency that is vital in a kitchen environment. Each handle style has been crafted to perfectly fit your fingers and make for the best grip.

We recognise that everyone has different tastes, especially when it comes to their kitchen interior. That’s why all of our kitchen cabinet handles come in a variety of finishes, so you are guaranteed to find something that not only matches your kitchen’s existing design but your own personal style. Some of our finishes include brushed copper, lacquered oak and shiny porcelain. Merely a snippet, The Handle Studio stock a huge list of colours and finishes which will perfectly complement any kitchen cabinet. And with many of our handles available as a range, you’re able to install your chosen handle to all of the cabinets in your kitchen.

Due to the versatility of the kitchen cabinet, they often come in many shapes and sizes. So, to make your search for the perfect kitchen cabinet handle even easier, we also stock our handles at a variety of sizes and lengths. Also stocking different screw sizes and hole centres ranging from 16mm to 900mm, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your kitchen cabinet no matter its size.

As well as variety, one thing we consider to be of the highest importance when shopping around for handles is quality. Especially for handles that are suited for the kitchen, as it’s an environment that sees a lot of hands-on use, meaning your kitchen cabinet handles not only have to look good and provide efficiency but manage day-to-day wear and tear. This is why here at The Handle Studio we stock nothing but handles of the highest degree.

If you’re struggling to reach a final decision or have any additional questions about our handles feel free to get in touch with a member of the team who will be sitting ready with their expert advice and support.