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Although small in size, knobs that are found on our cabinets, cupboards and drawers, can provide a big impact in terms of your interiors.

This is certainly the case for our crystal knobs, which effortlessly bring an essence of luxury and style to any room.

Our crystal knobs come in an array of designs so you can enjoy the look of opulence, no matter your preferred style.

The majority of our crystal knobs are made with lead crystal to ensure quality and versatility. It allows us to stock a range of crystal knobs which vary in style and overall finish. From clear lead crystal to faceted lead crystal, you’ll be sure to find the right one for you and your existing furnishings.

Our crystal knobs are also available in an array of finishes so you can find one that perfectly compliments the style of your cupboard, cabinet or drawers. Applied to the base, our crystal knobs come in polished brass or polished chrome, with the choice of either a ridged or smooth base. This way, you can narrow down your choices and find exactly what suits your unique project.

Here at The Handle Studio, we like to cater to every aspect of your needs, so we make sure that our range of crystal knobs are available in a range of diameters so your desired style can fit your cupboard, cabinet or drawer - whatever its size. Coming in a range of diameters, you’ll find your answer to stylish storage solutions in no time.

We like to promise quality with all our handles, so we ensure that our collection of crystal knobs, no matter their overall design or finish, are of the highest calibre. This is the best way to ensure their strength and durability in order for you to enjoy the style you fell in love with for as long as possible.

If you have any questions on our range of crystal knobs, be sure to contact a member of the team today!