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4.98 Star Rating

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Cabinets are great storage solutions which can come in many shapes and sizes.

But what can remain the same is a quality handle as the finishing touch.

Cabinets are a great way to hide away general storage within the home and better yet, can be slipped into any room in the house to free up space. Cabinets are made to be sleek and hidden, allowing additional storage without being a hindrance to your original interior design. But with that said, it doesn’t mean they should receive less consideration than anything else in your home and can be made to look just as good; especially through the use of our stylish cabinet handles.

In order to cater to everyone’s various tastes and projects, we stock a huge catalogue of cabinet handles to make sure that all of our customers can find what they need. With that said, we have found that there are certain styles of handle that have been deemed more suitable for cabinets like D Handles, Bow Handles and Finger Pull Handles; all in an array of sizes and finishes. But don’t worry if none of our most popular cabinet handles suit you, as thanks to our extensive range of handles, you’re guaranteed to find something that truly fits your cabinet.

As well as a range of styles, our cabinet handles are available in a range of finishes which means, no matter what room your cabinets are in and no matter the details of your personal taste, you are sure to find a cabinet handle that perfectly compliments not only the cabinet but your surrounding interiors. From classic stainless steel to a rustic pewter effect finish, you’ll be able to find something that seems as if it was made just for you.

Due to the versatility of cabinets, they are known to come in all shapes and sizes - something that needs to be taken into account when you are shopping around for the best cabinet handle. To make finding the best handle for your cabinet just that little bit easier, we stock a range of handle lengths, screw sizes and hole centres that range from 16mm to 900mm. Now, your favourite handle can be installed onto your cabinet no matter it’s size or length.

For any aspect of your home’s interior, it’s important that it’s strong and durable enough to survive wear and tear through busy life at home. This also goes for your cabinet handles. This is why here at The Handle Studio, we provide nothing but excellent, high-quality cabinet handles which will stand the test of time in terms of look and efficiency.

If you are still struggling to find the right cabinet handle for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of the team to receive some expert guidance. We’ll be waiting!