Welcome to The Handle Studio's sample blog page. When ordering products online, you cannot always tell if it will be the right colour to suit the room or cupboard, so it may be best to order one as a sample.

The lighting used when the product photo was taken for the products on the website, may not be the same lighting you have in your room, as many artificial lights differ. Plus you have to factor in any natural light that may be cast there. Some rooms will have lots of windows allowing plenty of natural daylight, while others may only have one or two. Therefore it is important that you take this into account when choosing the colour of your handle. This can be even more important if you are wanting to mix products, for example a cabinet knob and a cup handle. They may be from different batches and so their individual finishes could vary.

Another reason to opt for a sample, is many customers will want to feel the texture of the cabinet handle or cabinet knob. This could be an important factor if the handle will have frequent use for example in a kitchen, or more of a decorative use, for example on a display cabinet.

While the texture and colour is important, so too could be the weight of the handle. Aside from the wooden products, the majority of cabinet handles and cabinet knobs at The Handle Studio Ltd are made of metal. While many are made from a variety of metals such as steel, alloy, pewter and brass, quite a few are solid metal and can be very heavy. A good example of this is the Victorian Cabinet Knobs. Their weight increases considerably as they increase in size as they are made from solid brass.

When all of these factors are taken into account, it may be best to order one as a sample. If you cannot decide between a variety of products, then order one of each to view in your own home, which will make the decision process easier. As with any purchase you make from The Handle Studio, if you do not want to keep it for any reason, then simply return it back. Full terms and conditions of our returns policy can be found here, and our sample policy details here.