To achieve the perfect timeless kitchen, simplicity is the answer, well according to Instagram and Youtube influencers.

So simplicity it is. Elegant flat fronted cabinet doors and drawers, no panelling or moulding, no borders or grooves, just plain and simple is the key here. Bring it to life with the colour of your choice, going for the gloss finish. Then finally adding the 'jewellery' of the home, the handles.

The reasoning behind this simplicity is that there is already so much going on in the kitchen! To break up the cabinets, we think a cupboard or two if you have the room, with glass fronted doors would be a good move to display your china.

These type of designs are so easy to maintain. If you become bored with them or just fancy a change, simply sand them down and repaint another colour, either keeping the same handles or change them for some new ones. This is especially worth doing if you're on a budget. It won't break the bank, and it'll look like you've just had a new kitchen installed.

Take a look at the cabinet handles and cabinet knobs available at The Handle Studio Ltd for a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours to suit your very own unique and individual taste, to give your kitchen that finishing touch.