A welcome addition to the firm favourite and classic design of the Monmouth and Calgary range at The Handle Studio Ltd, is the all new Brushed Steel.

It's perfectly sleek and modern twist on the classic designs, will be just what is needed to modernise your kitchen or bedroom cupboard doors and drawers.

The Monmouth range is perfect if you are looking for a traditional shaker style. The newest finish of Brushed Steel brings the modern aspect to an already popular style.

The Monmouth Range has the Cabinet knobs and Bow handles, both available in two sizes. It also has the cup handle available with a round back or square back. All ready to view at The Handle Studio Ltd.

The Calgary range is an instant classic, showcasing it's elegant curves. Now partnered with the new Brushed Steel finish, it has become even more sought after.

Take a look at what's new at The Handle Studio Ltd, for more ideas and inspiration on your next project.