If you're unsure what design you want, but have a specific colour in mind, finding the right handle is super easy now with the new and improved website searching facility.

Simply click on the header 'By Finish' and the drop down menu appears, allowing you to select a specific finish, just as in the image below.

Finishes Screenshot

Another great way to search for a finish you want but already know the handle style, is really easy too. Just pick the handle 'By Style', and you will see the available finishes in that handle listed on the bottom left, see the screenshot below.

If it's a case of not being sure on the style, or finish, but know the size you need, searching is so easy for this one. Click on 'Handles' on the top header, scroll down and you will find 'Hole Centre' on the left. Open the tab up and the available sizes are all there as in the screenshot below.

Hole Centre

The same principle applies when searching for diameters on cabinet knobs, or any product for that matter. The opportunities are endless on how you can search on our website now. If you have the product code for example, simply enter it onto the search products box at the top centre of the website pages. On a budget? no problem, use the price tab on the left to set a maximum amount per handle you want to spend.

Always remember that if you find yourself stuck or unsure, please contact us where we'll be glad to help you.