Many of us prefer to recycle furniture, or 'upcycle' as it's often called. New pieces of furniture, a chest of drawers for example, can be an expense we would rather do without, so why not recycle one that is already there!

It is easy enough to do, as long as you have time on your hands, which many of us have at the moment! The choice of colours to paint with are endless, so maybe have a look at where the piece is going to sit, the colours already in the room, and finally what cabinet handles or cabinet knobs are you going to dress it with? There are many to choose from, so why not have a look online at The Handle Studio Ltd.

Lots of us are using Instagram to show off our newly recycled items. Many of the customers who've bought cabinet handles and cabinet knobs from The Handle Studio, send us their pictures too, and it's fantastic to see the many combinations and colour pairing they use. Here is one in particular that I thought looked amazing..

This is a superb example of recycling a piece of furniture. The dark colours used here look amazing with the sharp contrast of the brushed satin copper Odessa cup pull handles.

Here is another transformation we've been sent. Our customer here has opted to use the antique brushed copper mulberry cabinet knobs as utility hooks!!

Antique Brushed Copper Mulberry Cabinet Knobs

Have you got any upcycled pieces of furniture where you have used products from The Handle Studio? Email a picture of them to us for a chance to be shown on our blog magazine!