Keeping up to date on the latest products at The Handle Studio Ltd.

Ever changing demand in consumer tastes, means fabulous new products. At The Handle Studio, we will get them onto the website as soon as we can.

The most recent products to be added to the collection at The Handle Studio Ltd, are the range of the 'Big' knurled D cabinet handles. Coming in at 14mm in diameter, as opposed to the current 10mm diameter handles, these are a chunkier version, still holding onto that unique finish and design.

Big graf handle

Available in the three most sought after finishes, brushed dark brass, matt black and stainless steel effect. All in a perfectly proportioned 224mm length handle.

Graf knobs

These quality graf knobs come in three finishes just like the bar handles, dark brass, black and steel, all are available in two sizes, 38mm diameter and 50mm diameter.

Big Black Knurled
Big Black Knurled Cabinet Bar Handle

Our aim is to give our customers the latest trends as soon as we have access to them. Cabinet handles and knobs will always have regular designs that stand the test of time, however there is also high demand for those new trends and must have styles.

Stay tuned to our regular blog posts as these collections will be available very soon, with more coming shortly.