Keeping up to date on the latest products at The Handle Studio Ltd.

Ever changing demand in consumer tastes, means fabulous new products. At The Handle Studio, we will get them onto the website as soon as we can.

The most recent products to be added to the collection at The Handle Studio Ltd, are the range of Floid and Land cabinet handles.

The slender and yet sturdy Floid range, have four different finishes to choose from. The cabinet D handle and the cabinet knob, you will find, are unique in their design. The wonderful darkness of Antique Brass and Pewter finishes are truly stunning bringing together the traditional colours, to the contemporary design. The Matt Gold colour is very much in demand as contrasting against the popular navy cabinets as shown in the glossy home magazines. If it is understated but desirable you want, then the Matt Black is the finish for you.

The Land range of cup pull handle and cabinet knob are from the same manufacturer as the Floid range, and share the same finishes, so you can mix and match alternate ranges to achieve the look you want.

Our aim is to give our customers the latest trends as soon as we have access to them. Cabinet handles and knobs will always have regular designs that stand the test of time, however there is also high demand for those new trends and must have styles.

Stay tuned to our regular blog posts as these collections will be available very soon, with more coming shortly.