At The Handle Studio we are always on the lookout for new and exciting products to bring to the UK market whether it be in the home or at the workplace. The industrial cabinet handles bring the workplace into the home with these inspired handles that are a set apart from the rest.

One of our many suppliers has just introduced a range of industrial styled pipe design cabinet handles. These are available in a choice of finishes and in lengths of 152mm and 342mm.

Pipe Style Cabinet Handles
Industrial Pipe Design Cabinet Handles

We have a choice of Brushed Copper, Pewter and Matt Nickel finishes in this design. These will suit most types of cabinet door or drawers offering a large foot base. With a 12mm diameter bar, this handle is big enough for even the largest of hands

Antique Brass Industrial Factory D Handle
Antique Brass Industrial Factory D Cabinet Handle

Another industrial style of handle to come out, is a flat d shaped handle. Available in an antique pewter or an antique brass finish. A thick strap style with false bolt design at either end makes this piece stand out. Available in a 183mm and 247mm length, with a 28mm width.

Antique Pewter Industrial Factory D Handle
Antique Pewter Industrial Factory D Cabinet Handle

Or how about an iron girder design, in a pewter and antique brass finishes. This style of handle also offers a large base footing. Two lengths are available at 105mm and 169mm.

Antique Brass Effect Industrial Girder Handle
Antique Brass Iron Girder Effect Handle
Pewter Effect Iron Girder Industrial Handle
Pewter Effect Iron Girder Style Handle

You must admit that these look really nice in all finishes, and will set you apart from the crowd.

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