Creating a new-look designer-style kitchen doesn’t need to break the bank, or take you weeks to complete. Replacement kitchen doors and handles are the star of any kitchen makeover, and not exclusively to those on a budget.

Como handles

It’s no trade secret that it can be the finishing touches that really define a style. As well as cabinet doors, kitchen trends can be easily achieved with some simple additions or swaps. Decorative handles can finish the door with style, whereas splashbacks protect walls whilst adding an extra design dimension. The Handle Studio Ltd have a wide range of decorative cabinet handles and knobs that will certainly appeal to every taste and budget.

If a kitchen layout is already functional and works for you, simply refreshing the cabinet doors and replacing the handles or cabinet knobs may be a quick, easy, affordable and creative solution. This makeover solution can transform a dated living space in many different ways, from adding a splash of colour to creating rustic charm or a sleek and modern finish.

When it comes to kitchen design, it’s the finishing touches that really define a style. Lighting, handles, worktops and splashbacks all play a vital role in bringing together a design style, so let your own personality come through with those little important touches.

Black D Handles

Some homeowners opt for a neutral palette, bringing out pops of colour in accessories or appliances, whilst others go bold with statement colours throughout the whole design, including cabinet doors. This is where the personality of the homeowner, and details of design, really shine through. At The Handle Studio Ltd, you will find lots of different variations from the traditional to the contemporary, and from neutrals to those that help the cabinets pop with colour.

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