Have you ever been so fed up, coming home after a hard day at work, only to find everyone and their dog has put their coat over the post at the bottom of the stairs?

Welcome to a familiar sight in my house.

It's not like we don't have coat hooks under the stairs! Our hallway is a decent size and there is not much in it. We had toyed with the idea of a coat stand, you know the one with the space at the bottom for your umbrellas? Well the other half wasn't so keen on that idea, so I came up with another brain wave that we all agreed on...Knobs...

That's right, cabinet knobs! the kind you would find in your kitchen, or on the bedroom cupboard doors. It's so easy to do.

Either fashion a strip of wood to a finish you're happy with, and attached your chosen cabinet knobs to it, evenly spacing them apart so there is plenty of room...

The wooden knobs at The Handle Studio Ltd, are fantastic for this, as many are unfinished, you can alternate the paint you colour them to brighten the place up!

Or insert wall plugs and screw the knobs straight in using a metal to wood dowel screw.

even the little one has one lower down for a schoolbag and coats.

Take a look at the childrens cabinet knobs for ideas on this one.

Now about those shoes......