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4.98 Star Rating

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There isn’t one room in the house that wouldn’t benefit from ample storage solutions.

They’re great for storing everyday clutter and keeping your home spacious and clutter-free.

Cupboards, cabinets and drawers not only keep our homes and minds clear, but they can also be great attributes to home furnishings and interior design, especially through the use of our high-quality handles. Allowing for style as well as efficiency, there isn’t a handle that evokes both of those qualities quite like the cup pull handle.

The Cup Handle is one of our most popular types of pull handle and has been deemed a customer favourite for those shopping around particularly for kitchen cabinets and drawers. This is thanks to their shape which has been strategically designed and shaped for our fingers, ensuring a good grip which makes for quick and easy opening - great for a fast-paced environment such as a kitchen. However, thanks to our extensive range of cup handles, you’ll be able to find one that suits your individual project, whatever room you have in mind. We stock a variety of cup handle styles, all of which differ in design and shape but still hold the original attributes that we so admire. Ranging from shaker cup handles, square cup handles, round cup handles and mulberry cup pull handles - you’re sure to find the perfect cup handle for you, whatever your project.

As well as a variety of cup handle styles, we make sure to stock a wide range of finishes so we can cater to every one of our customers and their individual tastes. No matter your selected room or existing interiors, our cup handles come in a number of colours and materials to make sure everyone can benefit from this great handle. From modern metallics and chromes to antique brass and pewter finishes, we stock everything you would need to perfectly finish any room.

To further ensure you are able to benefit from our cup handles, you will also find them in a variety of sizes. Available in different lengths, heights and depths and a range of hole centres, you are sure to find a cup handle that perfectly fits your cupboard, cabinet or drawers. This amount of variety is vital due to the versatility of storage solutions that can be found in the home, and here at The Handle Studio, we want to do nothing but make your interior project even easier.

Here at The Handles Studio, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Handles and knobs are an aspect of our home furnishings that face everyday use, meaning it is vital for them to sustain their style and functionality no matter the amount of use. That’s why we make sure that all of our handles are of the highest quality to ensure they are hardwearing and continue to look as good as they did on the day of installation.

If our wide range of cup handles has left you pining after more than one style, not to worry! Feel free to contact a member of our team who will provide you with expert support and guidance to make sure you come away with the best handle for you.